Net GM Sean Marks is confident that James Harden will go to jail with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

Nets general manager Sean Marks is confident that he will jail Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden as they work toward a “common goal”.

Questions have been asked about whether the three stars could work together, but Marx assured that they would.

“These people have given us the right answers. “Hey, they want to play together, they can see this fitting,” Marx told a news conference Thursday after confirming by the Nets that he completed Harden from the Rockets in a blockbuster four-team trade did.

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“They are at a time in their careers – I don’t want to speak for every one of them because I tell them my own voice and my story about it – but I think they understand that there’s no doubt For some nights where one or two need to be sacrificed for the other and so forth. But I think they are all looking for a common goal.

“We are all looking for that common goal, as I have said before, the final team is to stand. I think when you have a group that is willing to make sacrifices and work hard and play together on the court, and they already have a relationship, it’s a former relationship, so I think This will help. “

Hardik, Durant and Irving all rank in the top 10 in the NBA since the latter’s rookie season (minimum 500 games) in 2011–12.

Durant or Harden has won seven of the last 11 NBA scoring. No one has ever completed more than a fifth in the Brooklyn Qualifier League.

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Marx said the opportunity to field a player like Harden was a good time for the Nets.

“The time was right for us. And luckily, any time you get an opportunity to get or try a player of this caliber, this is something you find difficult. [and] We have done something, ”he said.

“The process spreads very quickly and very quickly over the last 48 hours.”

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