Robert Saleh checks all the boxes for Jets fans

Fans rejoice.

You got your man

Robert Saleh is everything you wanted for your latest head coach.

Even when you had doubts and certainly the Jets got it wrong when they let them leave New Jersey without a contract after their two-day trip on Wednesday, the Jets gave you their man.

You modified Adam Gacy from the moment he was hired two years ago. You wonder why the Jets CEO Christopher Johnson did everything but take Gesse to Floram Park five minutes after he was fired for being too mediocre in Miami.

You joked at Gasey’s wandering eyes during his introductory press conference on social media. You hate how he coached quarterback Sam Darnold, who had never developed into a franchise quarterback, was drawn to that when he was hired to fix the gas, supposedly It is said that “quarterback whispers” were sold when they arrived.

Before Gesse, Todd Bowles never got you excited. Whether it was his on-field coaching or the soft personality he conveyed at press conferences that he considered to be dental appointments, he never looked like the right man for the job here.

Bowles never presented himself as the leader of the men, and the team’s poor results reflected his locker-room enabling, allowing some prisoners to run the asylum (see Muhammad Wilkerson as Exhibit A ).

Robert saleh
Robert saleh
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Saleh seems different from the previous two Jets head coaches. He is a 41-year-old bundle of energy and intensity, a coach whose sideline Demoners shout that his players will run through the brick walls for him.

Saleh, a Vin Diesel doppelganger, has a completely blue-collar NFL history grinding his way from the bottom of the league’s coaching barrels, from low-level quality control coaches to a few kills to more than a minimum coach to position defensive punishment Is for making. Coordinator for the 49ers last four seasons.

And now 16 years in his NFL coaching journey, as head coach of the Jets. Eligible to pay your dues and qualify for your achievements.

Saleh is everything the Jets fans want, the perfect coach to excite a disheartened fan base that has been waiting for a decade since seeing his last Unoffice team.

Saleh is everything the Jets want the locker room, a head coach who will activate it after a 2–14 season.

Saleh, too, may be all that Darnold wants, as the prospect of his appointment makes a better case for Darnold to remain with the team from which one of the offensive coordinator candidates was hired.

After Doug Pederson was fired by the Eagles on Monday, I strongly supported the Jets as Pederson for the next hire, as he is only three seasons removed from winning the Super Bowl for Philadelphia and is a skilled head coach .

That column garnered largely negative feedback from Jets fans via email and Twitter, as they did not want a “retread” head coach with the goods. It was clear that they wanted a new face, new blood, hoping to be the next successful young head coach.

I stand with my belief that despite Carson Wentz’s regression and advice to work at that fasco of a season finale against Washington, Paderson will again be the head coach of a win.

But Jet fans talked. They want their own young first-time head coach who becomes a star with their team. They want what Sean McVay has brought to the Ram, what Matt LaFleur has brought to the Packers, what Mike Vrabel has brought to the Titans, what Sean McDermott has brought to the Bills, what Kevin Alfaski has brought to the Browns.

The jets were owned and managed by the man Thursday night.

Hopefully, they got it right.

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