Watch: Incredible spin moves and stings with Nikolay Jokic Channel Michael Jordan

Nikola Jock has been a great start to the NBA season. Serbia has grown up Average Every game triple-double since the season began. Where the Nuggets have been inconsistent has been the team’s most trusted player. And now, Joki threw back another NBA legend with an amazing move.

Nikola Jokic did ‘Air Jordan’

In the Denver Nuggets game against the Golden State Warriors, Jokic made an incredible spin move and put the ball into the basket to sink. His move was similar to that of Michael Jordan, who made many upsets during his legendary NBA career. Jokic showed that despite being a big man, he has some Air Jordan.

Jokic threw down the sting with such grace that many agreed that he wanted ‘Be Like Mike’. He is one of the greatest men in the NBA today.

For Jokic, his one defining quality is his impeccable passing ability, and he is possibly one of the best passing centers in NBA history. However, he is also a great scorer and is almost unstoppable on the court.

Jockey has performed brilliantly over the years. Despite being a second-round pick, Jokic began to become an All-Star. Last year, he was a catalyst for the Denver Nuggets as they defeated the Jazz and Clippers to reach the Western Conference Finals.

‘The Joker’ is playing amazing

Michael Jordan was incredible on almost every aspect, but dunking was one of his defining qualities. Presumably, no player has been able to emulate the classic Jordan Dunk since MJ left. But tonight, Jock came close enough to emulate Jordan with an incredible spin move and reverse sting.

This season, the joke has gotten even better. Despite not playing the Nuggets as well, Jockey has been a consistent superstar for the team. He has averaged a triple-double throughout the season and is only getting better as the season goes on. Jock posted another triple-double to help the Nuggets defeat the Golden State Warriors.

Can Jockey help the NBA get back into the NBA playoffs? If he continues his incredible run-off form, the Nuggets will be able to get a good seed in the tough Western Conference.

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