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Ex-Mets manager accused of sexual harassment

Former Mets manager Mickey Callaway is being accused of sexually harassing female media members.

Callaway, the current Angels pitching coach, is being accused of aggressively pursuing five women who work in sports media, according to a bombshell report by The Athletic on Monday. The 45-year-old allegedly sent three of the women inappropriate photographs and asked for nudes in return. Along with the unsolicited messages, he made them feel uncomfortable by commenting on their appearance, the report said.

“He was completely unrelenting,” one of the women told The Athletic.

More aggressive instances include him “thrusting his crotch near the face” of a female reporter as she conducted an interview with him and telling another that he would divulge information about the Mets if she got drunk with him, according to the report. One woman claims Callaway sent her shirtless selfies while manager of the Mets.

“Rather than rush to respond to these general allegations of which I have just been made aware, I look forward to an opportunity to provide more responses,” Callaway said in a statement to The Athletic. “Any relationship in which I was engaged has been consensual, and my conduct was in no way intended to be disrespectful to any women involved. I am married and my wife has been made aware of these general allegations.”

mickey callaway is accused of sending lewd texts to multiple women
Mickey Callaway
Corey Sipkin

The Mets told The Athletic that in August 2018 — a little more than a year into Callaway’s first season with the team – they were made aware of an incident that occurred prior to him being hired. The team investigated the incident it said. Callaway was able to continue coaching the Mets.

The report comes weeks after the franchise, now owned by hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen, fired general manager Jared Porter after instances of inappropriate and unsolicited communication with a female reporter, including the sending of risqué photos during his time with the Cubs, came to light. Both men were hired by current Mets president Sandy Alderson, who was the team’s GM under the Wilpons when Callaway was hired.

The Athletic report said Callaway’s actions with the female reporters occurred over at least five years, three teams and in multiple cities. Callaway was the Indians pitching coach before behind hired by the Mets. He lasted through two losing seasons in Flushing before behind fired after the 2019 campaign.

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