MLB investigating Mickey Callaway’s alleged sexual harassment

Major League Baseball is investigating Mickey Callaway regarding allegations that he harassed at least five female members of the media with unsolicited and lewd text messages, an industry source told The Post, marking the second such inquiry in two weeks for the sport.

Much like Jared Porter, whom the Mets fired as their general manager on Jan. 19 — hours after learning that he had behaved inappropriately with a female reporter while an official for the Cubs — Callaway, at this moment still the Angels’ pitching coach, faces a suspension from the league. Not that anyone figures to be in a hurry to hire him.

The Athletic reported Monday night that Callaway, who managed the Mets in 2018 and 2019, had communicated aggressively and unprofessionally with three female journalists based in New York, one in Cleveland and one in Southern California.

Protocol and precedent dictate the MLB investigators will interview officials from the Mets and Indians, Callaway’s employers when his alleged offenses occurred, as well as the Angels. Mets president Sandy Alderson, who hired Callaway when he worked as the club’s general manager in 2017, issued a statement late Monday night in which he denied being aware of any of Callaway’s purported actions, described himself as “appalled” by Callaway’s alleged behavior and, in light of having hired both Callaway and Porter, added, “We have already begun a review of our hiring processes to ensure our vetting of new employees is more thorough and comprehensive.”

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