Dak Prescott Deal Focuses QB Carousel on Russell Wilson

The Cowboys closed a $ 160 million dollar mega priscot on Monday night for a four-year run, after which all eyes are on Russell Wilson as trade speculation intensifies.

Wilson is reportedly frustrated with the Seahawks and, while he has not requested a trade, has stated that the four teams he wants to join are the Bears, Saints, Raiders and Cowboys. With the Cowboys committed to Prescott, this leaves three landmarks for Wilson.

The attackers reportedly showed no interest. NFL Network and SB Nation reported That team has not been involved with any discussion with the Seahawks.

Which theoretically excludes saints and bears. New Orleans is currently in a major cap crunch, currently around $ 50 million on the number, According to over the cap

. However, the franchise has been known to maneuver Cap, and will likely cut giants like Kwon Alexander to make more room.

The beers on the cap are $ 6 million, but could cut giants like Akeem Hicks and Kyle Fuller to free up space.

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson
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Russell Wilson’s cap would be $ 32 million in 2021, so either team would still have a way. The NFL Network also reported that the Seahawks are not close to a deal, and Wilson may need to open his list if he wants to be dealt.

Still, with Prescott off the board, Wilson could be the superstar quarterback to make the waves.

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