Legendary Cavaliers radio voice with tat net almost

Funny how things work out. Or not.

For the past few days, New York sports fans have been mourning the passing of one of their most loved sports-by-voice. Instead, that willing obligation was assigned to Cleveland’s sports fans.

Joe Tait died at the age of 83 on Wednesday. If you were unfamiliar with their work, it made complete sense. He was synonymous, except for two seasons, with the Cavaliers, its first radio voice in 1970 and until he retired in 2011. But for an NBA season, 1981–82, he was ours, playing the Nets game on WVNJ and WWRL, stations. With such limited signals and effects, Tat’s calls can barely be heard in the parking lot.

But he was, according to sports radio historian David Halberstam, “too good to call the game on the radio.” You just closed your eyes and he led you to the game. You saw it all “

By the end of the 1980–81 season, Halberstam said, knowing Tat was a goner, his feud with Cavs owner Ted Stephen was irreparable. Stephen was a tortured, meditative presence similar to another Cleveland rogue, George Steinbrenner. Had some fun working or playing for Stephen.

On the last day of that season, the arena at Richfield was packed to see the 28-54 KV lost, but mostly to bid to the big Joe Tait – he was a big, fleshy man – farewell and perform against Stephen is. Over 20,000 chanted “Come on Joe! Ted must go!” Helping fill that house was the best thing Tait had ever done for Stephen.

And then he went to call the Nets. His analyst was Al Menendez, a pleasant, always-around Nets scout. But they mostly described the game to each other.

Tait and the Cavs were saved when Gordon Gund, a fabricated Princeton and real player who wore his money like a gentleman, bought the team. He brought Tat back.

Joe Tait

By then the goons were losing their eyesight for retinitis pigmentosa, so they made sure to sit near the tats to “watch” the game. He never had a grip with Tait’s honest on-air appraisal, nor would he ever consider flexing the muscles of his bosses. Tait loved working alone, and the goon was good until he was joined by ex-Nets and Cavs Jim Chonas.

Gund, now 81, in plain English, is a great man.

So Tat died on Wednesday, and Cleveland was bereaved. Man’s mark. It is not that I am complaining about what might happen. For the past 20 years, Chris Carino and Tim Capstraw have praised the net’s fans and themselves, who consistently perform well, making no gimmick radio calls.

But it’s fun how things work. Or not.

Poor Patrick is not the first bigwig to be asked for ID

Although one might be told by Patrick Ewing’s frustration for ID to enter the Garden – a minor annoyance, despite Ewing publicly sharing his anger – he is hardly the most important man to produce his ID. Is asked for by mere grunts.

In December 1944, as American GIs, mostly green replacements, were being brightened during the War of the Badges, the Germans infiltrated American positions with soldiers who spoke English and wore American uniforms. Received a call to tighten security.

No soldier less than the highly-identified General Omar Bradley – the largest number of American soldiers to serve as a commander, then in command of 43 divisions and 1.3 million men – entered the war zone, towing his jeep A sentry stopped. Bradley was asked to provide identification.

There is famous footage of Bradley, a blank eye on his famous stony face and calm temperament, building up his ID to a soldier who oversaw Bradley before waving.

I have read much more about Bradley, but have never given a word about being inconvenienced by a soldier who was following instructions in a brutal and critical battle zone. But Ewing? He was shocked!

Why in addition to black – did Florida wear black for ESPN last Sunday – has powder blue become a popular “alternative uniform” color? Given that such things do not happen by accident, my guess is that powder blue is the national color for the Cripps street gang.

Cribs are particularly large in the South, which tells me why schools – Ole Miss, Florida State and Tulane as “Green Waves” – include powder blue. Or just a coincidence?

So let’s see how this is going to work:

Gary Bateman and NHL team owners plan to step up their game by reducing their game performance on mass-reaching regional TV. In the near future, one can expect lucrative games in large TV markets, such as Rangers-Bruins and Rangers-Islanders, to be particularly at risk for purchases on those streaming networks. The NHL would soon become the exclusive asset of the extra-paid streaming enterprises, which were sold to ESPN and Hulu, reported to be worth $ 2.8 billion over seven years, and then marked off.

Now you see it, now you don’t! Grand strategy! And if we did not know better, we would think that untreated greed, and not playing well, was the determining factor.

Cuomo Ticket Office

Gov. Andrew Cuomo cuts his hand the way he thinks – and doesn’t think – as far as the 2015 Mets Royce World Series is concerned.

Cuomo somehow got possession of a group of Mets home game series tickets, face value $ 125 each. Then he made them available to “supporters”, who were jacking him as $ 5,500 each, donating the money to his campaign chest, along with the sweetener that buyers have to meet and greet with Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo at Citi Field in 2016.
Bill costrown

He is known as Ticket Scalping, a legally legal political type. MLA who would have liked those tickets at face value? To hell with them. He was arrogant, self-entitled.

After feeling some public heat, he eventually returned tickets to the Mets.

Who are the best customers of MLB? Drunk. The NHL is similar to the NBA and NFL. A recent survey concluded that MLB fans who buy the most alcohol on the site, in order, are patrons of the White Sox, Braves, Reds, Indians and Padres. Once in the park, they cost an average of $ 35– $ 40 per customer.

The former Nets TV team of Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel will reunite during CBS / Turner NCAA tournament coverage. Still amazing that yes dumped Spanarkel.

Yes, we know that the game has changed; they all have. After 25 games, 7-foot-3 Mavericks shooting guard Christaps Porzingis has taken 131 3-point shots, but has compiled just 41 offensive rebellions.

I’m already sick of those Capital One NCAA Tournament commercials and I haven’t seen a single one yet.

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