New MLB Rules Can Get Away With One Of Baseball’s Most Annoying Quarrels

Were you angry last week when Major League Baseball was introduced A flood of innovations For its minor league

What if I tell you that one of those innovations could reduce one of the game’s increasingly annoying unintended consequences in a wide accelerated iteration?

You know the play in which a man steals a second base, splits from the bag in the blink of an eye as the middle fielder puts his glove on it, which again confirms on a manager’s challenge, leading the baseruner back to the dugout Is sent to? Wouldn’t it be great if that game didn’t end? While complete elimination may prove to be very ambitious, a larger base will certainly help.

“If you don’t hit in front of it and stop, you’re going through it,” MLB Chief Operations and Strategy Officer Chris Marinak told The Post in a telephone interview on Thursday. “And this premise is a little more forgiving in the sense that, if you bump into the front of it, hopefully there is more grip on the base. You can actually stop at the bag without popping off. There is definitely an idea behind it. “

The enlarged chairs, going from 15 square inches to 18 and featuring less than a “ramp” compared to current bases, will be deployed at the Triple-A level. As Marinak explained, they were also freed from observation and interaction with the players.

“People come in really hard bags,” Marinak said. “They are trying to steal the bases. They are certainly more athletic than they were 75 years ago, or whenever that (base) was designed.

“We made this change to play in the neighborhood (so) that you really have to hit the bag. (The players said), “It would be nice if there was a little more real estate here, I wouldn’t be killed because I wanted to hit the bag and make a double play.” We hear the same thing from the first baseman: ‘Hey, I’ve really become careful about where I put my foot so I don’t have to put a foot on my heel.’ Comments around more people using molded cleats. The base is not really designed to take a high level of strength. “

Brett Gardner reached second base during a game in 2016.
Brett Gardner reached second base during a game in 2016.
Getty Images

Bryce Harper is also expected to avoid the type of injury suffered in 2017, as the bases are more weather-proof.

“Pop-up slide play,” due to the lack of a better stint, is about 30 to 40 times per season, Marinak said – not so high a number, yet it would have been 1.000 bats to excite people when it happened Is – and baseball people have spent years considering a way to solve it. Marinak said that the problem is that if you allow some lanes, where do you draw the line on that levee? What if such a decision call affected the World Series game? It is better to attack the problem at its core.

Larger bases can also, in theory, give rise to more infield hits and more stolen targets. People like hit and steal targets, action, playing balls and moving players. So let’s get those big bases ASAP here. At least if there are (and certainly will be) unintended consequences, they will be new.

I learned of the impact of the larger bases, thanks to the “Innovation and Fan Engagement Showcase” put on Wednesday by Marionk and other MLB officials. Here’s what I learned: Fake crowd noise is mandatory for ballparks that will sell tickets for less than 25 percent of their seats. Which means that the two New York teams, both opening at 20 percent of capacity at their home ballpark, will start the season with mock crowd noises. This is optional for locations where 25 percent or more tickets are being sold.

The worst is the noise of the fake crowd. How much money, I asked Marinac, would that regime need to change? I also asked Rupert Murdoch to give me a chip for a few bucks.

“It was not a broadcast demand or request. Marinak pointed out that this club is important due to competitive competition. “When you don’t have any and you don’t have any background noise, you can suddenly hear that they are screaming from the dugout. Or if the other baseman is talking to the shortstop where the batsman can hear it. “

The more fans in the stand, naturally, the harder it is to listen to that stuff. Therefore, clubs with relatively empty stadiums did not want to be in a loss situation.

“Hopefully everyone will be over 25 percent soon,” Marinak said, and now there’s another reason for that.

The question for this week’s pop quiz came from Gary Mintz of South Huntington: In the 2020 episode of “Goose Your Enthusiasm”, Larry David claimed a 48-year streak of brushing his teeth and comparing himself to the Baseball Hall of Fame From the player. Name the player.

In Tel Aviv, an “expanded and renovated” ANU – Museum of the Jewish People Has opened Among the artifacts on display is a game-clad chest protector from the catch-turn-spy Moe Berg.

The answer to your pop quiz is Cal Ripken Jr.

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