Bet on Kyle Hendrix, Chicago

Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Stitches and Mrs. Stitches!

Late run from Meghan Markle, but far less late. For her unwavering support in the most challenging year, Mother of the Year has to be Matilda Cuomo. congratulation!

Heading to Headley Field, the mother of all National League ballparks, for Hallmark Holiday. The Pirates have taken their place at the bottom of the NL Central, while the Cubs hovering close to 500, are minimally better. Tyler Anderson (2-3, 3.24 ERA) gave San Diego Tiantados two runs in 6 ₃ / latest innings in his latest strong outing. Anderson owns a career 4.45 ERA in front of Chicago. Kyle Hendrick (2-3, 6.07 ERA) threw a gem at the Dodgers. He allows one run over the entire seven innings (a Rob Manfred short doubleheaded game). Play 20 units on the Cubs.

Fact: Tyler Glasnow does not allow home runs. Fact: We supported him and he saw the fence twice in the first two innings. A defeated the Rays 6-3. The loss takes us to -1,247 zobists.

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