After the Manchester City EPL 2020-21 title, Pep Guardiola says, ‘This is a season like no other, proud to be the manager here’

Manchester, 12 May: Manchester City have won their third Premier League title in the last four years and what matters is the victory for manager Pep Guardiola, the way the team kept it away not only on the pitch but also from the coronovirus epidemic.

And Guardiola hopes they will celebrate with fans once normalcy returns. “It is very important for all of our fans to say a huge thank you. In our most difficult moments, we cannot hear the crowd behind us as usual, but we know that they are with us everywhere we go and lift us up have taken.” I promise them that we feel their love, we appreciate it and we cannot do what we have done without it. I hope we can all celebrate together one day not too far. It has been such a difficult year for so many people. This is really for our fans and Colin Bell and all his family, ”he told

Manchester United’s defeat on Tuesday means the team will not be able to beat Manchester City in terms of points, even if they win their remaining three matches in the league. Manchester City currently have 80 points from 35 matches while United have 70. Manchester United lost the Premier League 2020–21 title to Manchester United 1-2 against Leicester City.

Even though City lose all three of their matches and United win the rest of their matches, they will still be 79 points behind the city. Commenting on this season’s journey, Guardiola said: “This is a season and Premier League title with no other. It was the hardest. We will always remember this season the way we won Were. I am proud of it. The manager here and this group of players. “They are very special. To come through this season – all the restrictions and hardships we have faced – and the stability we have is remarkable. It is relentless.

Every single day, they are there, fighting for success, always trying to get better. They have been so efficient. “This is equally true for every member of our back room staff, who has worked tirelessly behind the curtain to ensure that our players are ready to take on unforeseen challenges and new routines in such a turbulent year. Are well equipped. Manchester City beat Manchester United 2–1 as the EPL 2020–21 title Leicester City.

“Not forgetting, of course, all the employees of our organization who work to make this club a success. Whether it comes from the offices of the CFA or working from home, the efforts of every employee in such circumstances Has contributed to. ” This achievement. “The manager said that winning the Premier League is always the primary objective of the team at the beginning of a season.

“At the beginning of every season, the Premier League is the most important title for us. This is where you have to be on every three days, playing all your rivals home and away. Only the best, being in the week. Week out , Can you win this competition. It is a huge success, “he said.

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