“I was under so much pressure”

Bryce Hall has come up with an explanation for his third-round TKO loss to Austin McBroom in the main event of the ‘Battle of Platforms’ boxing card.

In a recent video, the TikTok star claimed to have buckled under excessive pressure, eventually leading to his loss.

According to Bryce Hall, the 30,000 people present at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami also didn’t help to steady his nerves as he walked into the ring.

Accepting Austin McBroom to be a superior pugilist, Bryce Hall said-

“Honestly, I was under so much pressure. That night, as soon as I stepped in the ring I saw like thirty thousand people in the audience. It kind of just threw everything out of the window. And I was just…I looked calm but I wasn’t. I was like actually sh**ing bricks. I think Austin (McBroom) is a really good boxer. I wasn’t expecting him to actually be that good. Especially from sparring footage to actually being in the ring with him. I don’t think I’m bad at boxing, I just think Austin is better at boxing.”

Bryce Hall was dominated by Austin McBroom

The showing was poor from Bryce Hall on his professional boxing debut as he was completely dominated by the ACE Family man.

After landing flush a few times in the first two rounds, Austin McBroom really turned the heat up in the third round.

When McBroom staggered the 21-year-old with a flurry early in round three, the referee immediately intervened and pulled Hall to safety.

The official stoppage came at 45 seconds of the third round, after the referee deemed Bryce Hall unable to continue.

The two social media stars also put up a bet against one another. They agreed that they’d have to pay the other a $1 million bonus in the event of a knockout.

However, it remains unclear if Bryce Hall will be paying up since the fight ended in a TKO.

Despite the loss, Hall will be happy to have walked home with $5 million to show up for the fight.

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