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5 most divisive missions featured in GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City, like all great games, features its fair share of divisive missions that get fans all riled up on GTA forums and platforms like Reddit.

Even almost two decades after its release, GTA Vice City remains one of the most popular games of all time. The internet is rife with discussions about which missions sucked and which hooked them towards the very end.

This article takes a look at 5 of the most divisive missions featured in GTA Vice City.

5 most divisive missions from GTA Vice City

5) Loose

Loose is the last job featured in GTA Vice City, and as such, it’s one of the most challenging. This task is given to Tommy Vercetti by Mr Black, who knows of an exchange taking place in the premises of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company. While the overall mission is extremely engaging and packed with a number of interesting objectives, clearing out the ice-cream factory’s grounds while trying to tackle wave after wave of offended agents is no easy feat. Definitely one of the trickiest missions in GTA Vice City.

4) Death Row

Lance is unarguably the coolest character from GTA Vice City, (before he decided to stab Tommy in the back) but whoever told him it was a good idea to get himself kidnapped by a bunch of virtual goons?

Lance is being held at the junkyard and the objective is to save him and get him to the hospital as soon as possible, all the while trying to tackle Diaz’s guys.

Not exactly Tommy’s idea of fun, but when you’re friends with a wimp like Lance, these sort of inconveniences shouldn’t be all that surprising.

3) Bombs Away

Given that the most divisive missions in GTA Vice City had something to do with whacky little ramps, it’s no surprise that Bombs Away, a mission that involved flying a sluggish helicopter, turned out to be a headache.

2) Keep your friends close

As the last mission in GTA Vice City, “Keep your friends close” is one of the most frustrating missions featured in the game, packed to the brim with a number of unbelievably difficult objectives.

The mission objectives include facing wave after wave of mafia goons who are trying to steal your money, killing Vance, the black sheep and finishing the story once and for all by killing Sonny Forelli.

Keep your friends close is one of the most gripping and divisive missions featured in GTA Vice City, and one that players won’t be forgetting any time soon.

1) Demolition Man

It’s impossible to talk about the most difficult missions featured in GTA Vice City without mentioning Demolition Man at least once. This mission makes players forget why they even love GTA Vice City in the first place. Such is the level of frustration and divisiveness it incites among players.

The objective of the mission is to plant four bombs at four different locations in a construction site, all the while trying to dodge all sorts of dangerous weapons being fired by the builders. The mobile version makes Demolition Man a lot less challenging, but the PC version makes players almost give up on the game.

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