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5 of the best assets in GTA Vice City

The fruits of Vice City are ripe for the picking, which means GTA players should consider the best properties to own.

Vice City is the first GTA title to introduce assets. These properties are profitable and can be bought after the mission Shakedown. In the second act of Vice City, Tommy Vercetti must build his criminal empire brick by brick. To do so, he needs to make a smart return on his investments.

Certain properties like the Print Works are required to progress the storyline; a GTA player must purchase a total of six to complete the game.

However, more than a few properties provide players with useful rewards. If they put in the hard work, they can be paid off handsomely in the long run.

Five great assets to own in GTA Vice City

#5 – Sunshine Autos

There are a total of four car lists the player must go through, with each list specific to a certain theme. These include street cars and SUVs, followed by expensive cars, then sports cars, and finally gang cars with the occasional oddball.

Sunshine Autos starts with a $1,500 daily profit. After each list is complete, the profit rises. It goes from $1,500 to $4,000, then $6,500, and finally $9,000.

GTA players are also rewarded with spawns of unique vehicles like the Deluxo and Hotring Racer, which cannot be found elsewhere.

#4 – InterGlobal Studios

InterGlobal Studios movie lot (Image via NowGamerTube, YouTube)

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