BGMI redeem codes on internet are fake as no redeem code website is officially announced

There has been lots of buzz surrounding BGMI in the Indian gaming community. Players were over the moon upon hearing about Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official launch yesterday, i.e., July 2nd.

Despite this, iOS users will also have to wait a little longer, as it is only available for Androids at the moment.

Many people are interested in cosmetics, like skins, costumes, and other exclusive items, even though they do not contribute to the gameplay. In the global version, redeem codes were among the best ways to obtain them for free.

Hence, players have started to wonder if redeem codes are available for BGMI as well.

Redeem codes for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on the internet do not work

It is vital to remember that the redeem codes prevalent online regarding BGMI are fake and do not work. Users should, therefore, not waste their time trying to find such codes.

As of yet, there hasn’t been any official announcement from the developers regarding any redemption website. It has not been clearly stated if a specific website will be set up for this purpose, i.e., a Redemption Center similar to that of the global version of the game.

The only thing that the players can do is wait and follow BGMI’s social media handles to keep up with the official updates.

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The events present in BGMI act as an alternative method for users to obtain all such items that they often crave. Moreover, on crossing 10 million downloads, the developers are providing every player with a permanent Constable set.

It can be claimed by following these steps:

Step 1: Users can click on the “Events” option after opening BGMI.

Step 2: Next, they must press the “10M Downloads Gift” tab in the “Recommended” section.

Step 3: To redeem the Constable set, they should click on the “Collect” option.

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