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Blue Jays vs. Indians prediction: Roll with Robbie Ray

Trying to prevent a “pandemic of the uneducated,” Dr. Stitches will attempt to get everyone up to date. Here goes. Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo are Yankees. Javy Baez is Met. Max Scherzer and Trea Turner are Dodgers. Kris Bryant is a Giant. Jose “Blue” Berrios is a Blue Jay. Bartolo Colon is still a Mexican Leaguer. Bauer is still a Dodger. Andrew “The Dodger” Cuomo is still governor. Simone Biles is head cheerleader for Team USA. And Noah Syndergaard is taking a break from baseball to focus on his mental health.

Oh, Canada! Jays are 3-0 playing in Toronto. Indians are next to visit Rogers Centre. Cleveland’s Eli Morgan (1-3, 7.47 ERA) has been pulled after five innings in his past three starts, allowing three runs in each. Toronto’s reliable Robbie Ray (9-5, 3.04 ERA) beat Boston (one run, six innings) in his latest outing and has only lost twice in his last seven starts. Play 10 units on the Jays.

Cards 7, Twins 3. Adam Wainwright is now 9-6. Yadier Molina is now fourth on the all-time Cards list with 2,075. Down -883 davewottles.

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