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Jets’ season looks better when compared to Giants

Up in Buffalo, nothing could be worse for the Jets than what went down in their own building to the south. MetLife’s other tenant, otherwise known as the New York Football Giants, made a mockery of a football Sunday with a sad surrender near their end zone that Joe Judge would try turning into the soundest of battlefield ploys.

Even the Jets, so creative over the years in finding fresh ways to hit rock bottom, couldn’t sink as low as the Giants did against Washington. That was the beauty of their late-afternoon kickoff in Week 18. The Giants had earlier finished 4-13 by humiliating themselves with the most shocking pair of quarterback sneaks in modern NFL history, opening the field for the Jets to finish 4-13 with their dignity intact.

As it turned out, the Jets showed only a little more resistance against the 10-6 Bills on the road than the Giants did against 6-10 Washington at home. Buffalo won, 27-10, and held the Jets to an all-time franchise-low 53 total yards. Fifty-three!

At least the Jets didn’t run any give-up plays.

“We’ve got a long way to go to close the gap with Buffalo,” Robert Saleh said, “and with New England and Miami for that matter. … The gap is going to close, and it’s going to close with time.”

Hey, the Jets still don’t know what they have in Robert Saleh, because they still don’t know what they have in Zach Wilson, who played Sunday without three receivers he needed on the field. Wilson fired a pretty 40-yard touchdown strike to Keelan Cole, but also missed on 13 of 20 passes against the league’s best pass defense, threw for 87 total yards, and got sacked eight times.

The Jets must capitalize on the Giants' woes.
The Jets must capitalize on the Giants’ woes.
Getty (2), Robert Sabo

Entering another grim Black Monday, the terms of NFL engagement have never been more clear. The coaches who have good quarterbacks survive, and the coaches who have bad quarterbacks don’t.

Does Saleh have a good quarterback for the long term, or just another guy?

“Zach has improved with his decision-making, and the game has started to slow down for him,” said former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, who was in the organization when Vinny Testaverde, Chad Pennington, Brett Favre, and Mark Sanchez played the position. “I don’t think his athleticism is elite, but he’s definitely a good athlete for the position. … He has a chance to be a winning quarterback in the NFL.”