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Mike Francesa hits embarrassing trifecta of woefully wrong picks

Mike Francesa hits embarrassing trifecta of woefully wrong picks

What are the odds against the nearly impossible? So astronomical that you’d risk your every cent betting against it? 

Here’s the deal: Before each of the three American golf majors, I allow you one shot to pick the winner from the world’s highest-rated golfers. Alas and curses, your first pick — to win the Masters — doesn’t even make the cut. Rotten luck, but try again. 

Then you pick from the best competing for the PGA Championship. Not only doesn’t he win, but also he doesn’t make the cut. Hey, what’s going on? That’s crazy. 

What power do you possess to make the best, as if on reverse demand and command, so bad? 

Ahh, but one more chance: You pick a winner from the same top players to win the U.S. Open. But he, too, doesn’t even make the cut! 

You’re possessed! Or as Ralph Wiggum from “The Simpsons” said, “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!” 

But let history show that last week that near-impossibility became a reality. Oh-for-three on winners — no big deal — but all missed cuts? Nah! Can’t happen. But it did. Who is this soothsayer of colossal doom? 

That’s the best part: The guy sells himself as an expert professional tout, someone whose “picks have value,” though evidence exists only to the extreme contrary. But his legacy as a self-deluded, boastful blowhard is now solidified — in faux stone. 

Ladies and gentlemen, and whatever you choose to call yourselves of all ages, welcome back the self-anointed know-it-all who never was and never left, Mike Francesa! 

Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa
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That’s right, Sitting Bull, now heard as a gambling tout on a podcast — despite his claim that he’d never sink so low as to host one — touted Brooks Koepka to win the Masters, Scottie Scheffler to win the PGA and Cameron Smith to win the Open. Win? They all missed the cut! Didn’t even make it to the third round! 

Do the math? You do the math. What’s incredible to the third power? 

Even by the high standards set by @BackAftaThis — the Twitter handle that for years has chronicled Francesa’s bombastic, bogus boasts and self-important lies and immodest, dead-wrong, expert-ascending predictions — its creator had never encountered anything quite so impossible from Francesa. 

Brooks Koepka, Cameron Smith, Scottie Scheffler
Brooks Koepka, Cameron Smith, Scottie Scheffler
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This one threatens the best of Francesa’s worst. Among them: 

His all-knowing declaration that Michigan’s defense, the best he’d ever seen in college football, would completely shut down Ohio State in their 2019 game. Ohio State would have trouble making a first down against this unequaled Michigan defense! 

Michigan lost, 62-39 — the most points the Wolverines ever allowed.