WFAN aiding sports betting industry by airing deceiving ads

WFAN aiding sports betting industry by airing deceiving ads

Short of a well-placed nuclear warhead, there’s no cure for what has relegated WFAN to a can’t-listen station (a few minutes, at most) among smarter-than-dimwitted sports fans.

Blow the place up. Remove the rubble. Start over. Find genuinely knowledgeable and thoughtful hosts, those who consider clever something higher than the sound of gastric flatulence.

But who in such an important role would recognize the difference between better and bad? And given the shape of the sports-radio industry as a whole, who would be allowed to hire based on appealing to an audience that didn’t target young, male reprobates?

Wednesday, that ad again, this time read by a likely unsuspecting, just-following-orders update man, claiming that a sucker-targeting, sports-gambling operation offers, among other things, “better odds.”

That claim was a throw-in within the ad, heard deep in the come-on. If the company in fact offered “better odds,” such a claim would be at the top, in the middle and at the end of the pitch. And examples of “better odds” would have eagerly been provided.

But the ad was bogus, and WFAN, its ownership heavily invested in listeners losing money to such operations, remains loaded with such get-rich-quick enticements to invest with “businesses” fully predicated on clients losing their dough.

Sports betting at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City N.J.

Thus it’s highly unlikely that WFAN would do anything — anything honest — to reverse that cash flow and content, let alone surround those ads with genuinely talented weekday hosts. In the interim, we’ll have to wait until these operations run short on suckers, especially those who learned the truth the hard way — taken for a ride by WFAN.

In what stands as the ultimate irony, the only WFAN host who points out that such dishonest salesmanship is dishonest — that the parlay bets so aggressively pitched in WFAN’s ads “are terrible bets” — is Craig Carton, who did hard time as the point man in scams to support his profound gambling addiction. Cause and defect.

Most other times, however, Carton’s on board, as the afternoon drive co-host, to sell his station and himself as a preferred stop for those who enjoy “guy talk,” put-downs, childish, unfunny sexual innuendo and junior high boys room crotch and toilet talk.

Robert Sabo

The morning drive show continues to be hosted by professional pig Gregg Giannotti and bring-it-on enabler “Weekday Boomer Esiason,” the phony who acts like a gentleman on CBS’s NFL pregame shows.

In other words, this was a waste of my space and your time. Even marginally better is out of the question. WFAN will stay the “coarse.” And young male suckers will remain its primary target audience.

9/11 mourners become targets of LIV defenders

The quality of civilized debate in the U.S. has fallen to the level at which those who oppose the Saudi government’s millions-to-burn incursion into pro golf, because they remain convinced Saudi Arabia was complicit in the 9/11 attacks that slaughtered 3,000 Americans, are rationalized by simpletons as shills for the PGA.

As if protesting the murder of lost ones is evidence of being a PGA front and an anti-Donald Trump political movement among “far left progressives,” all because Trump, who once publicly blamed Saudi Arabia for the 9/11 attacks, saw fit to rent out his golf club and play happy host to the Saudi government golf mullahs this weekend.

LIV Golf
A group of protesters for “9/11 justice” hold a press conference near Clarence Dillon public library In response to the hosting of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tournament at Trump Bedminster.
Daniel William McKnight

So the murdered and the grieving — and those who remain convinced that the 9/11 attacks weren’t planned and financed by Saudi free agents — are now politicized by those desperate to apply extremist politics to everything. Yep, all those who felt Trump betrayed his own convictions and minimal sense of right from wrong must all be Marxists.

But that’s the sad, corrosive state of the disunion.

If not for the double standard, ESPN would have no standards at all.

As several readers have noted, it’s rather incongruous that ESPN named its annual Humanitarian Award for Muhammad Ali, who mercilessly but merrily belittled Joe Frazier as “a gorilla” — among other inhumane sins.

Yet ESPN fired longtime tennis analyst Doug Adler because some NY Times stringer recklessly and falsely claimed that Adler suddenly decided to call Venus Williams “a gorilla.”

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