Ultimate Kho Kho 2022 Full Schedule: Date, Match Timings in IST, Fixtures, Live Streaming Online and Telecast of Kho-Kho Game Franchise League

The first season of the ultimate kho-kho will be held in Pune, Maharashtra at the Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex from August 14 to September 04, 2022. A total of six teams will be participating in the competition- Mumbai Khiladis, Gujrat Giants, Chennai Quick Guns, Odisha Juggernauts, Rajasthan Warriors, and Telugu Yoddhas. The teams will be competing in a 21-day season in Pune to determine the inaugural champions. Ultimate Kho Kho 2022 Teams, Schedule, Live Streaming Online, TV Telecast Info and Other Details.

Each team will face the other five teams twice in the competition and then will move on to the qualifiers. After the 30 matches in the league stage, the top four with the highest points will advance and play against one another in the qualifiers. The top two will face each other in the first qualifier to advance to the finals. Meanwhile, the third and fourth-ranked teams will play in an eliminator match, from which the winner will play against the loser of qualifier 1 in order to book a place in the summit clash. Kho-kho originated in India, in ancient times and will now be played as an official tournament on a domestic level. So let’s take a look at the fixtures of the Ultimate Kho Kho 2022. Odisha Govt Joins Hands With Ultimate Kho Kho To Own 5th Franchise.

Date Match Day
14-08-2022 Mumbai Khiladis vs Gujarat Giants Sunday
14-08-2022 Chennai Quick Guns vs Telugu Yoddhas Sunday
15-08-2022 Rajasthan Warriors vs Mumbai Khiladis Monday
15-08-2022 Odisha Juggernauts vs Chennai Quick Guns Monday
16-08-2022 Telugu Yoddhas vs Rajasthan Warriors Tuesday
16-08-2022 Gujarat Giants vs Odisha Juggernauts Tuesday
17-08-2022 Gujarat Giants vs Mumbai Khiladis Wednesday
17-08-2022 Telugu Yoddhas vs Chennai Quick Guns Wednesday
19-08-2022 Rajasthan Warriors vs Odisha Juggernauts Friday
19-08-2022 Mumbai Khiladis vs Chennai Quick Guns Friday
21-08-2022 Odisha Juggernauts vs Gujarat Giants Sunday
21-08-2022 Rajasthan Warriors vs Telugu Yoddhas Sunday
23-08-2022 Telugu Yoddhas vs Mumbai Khiladis Tuesday
23-08-2022 Gujarat Giants vs Chennai Quick Guns Tuesday
24-08-2022 Chennai Quick Gun vs Odisha Juggernauts Wednesday
24-08-2022 Mumbai Khiladis vs Rajasthan Warriors Wednesday
25-08-2022 Odisha Juggernauts vs Rajasthan Warriors Thursday
25-08-2022 Gujarat Giants vs Telugu Yoddhas Thursday
26-08-2022 Chennai Quick Gun vs Gujarat Giants Friday
26-08-2022 Mumbai Khiladis vs Telugu Yoddhas Friday
27-08-2022 Rajasthan Warriors vs Chennai Quick Gun Saturday
27-08-2022 Odisha Juggernauts vs Mumbai Khiladis Saturday
28-08-2022 Odisha Juggernauts vs Telugu Yoddhas Sunday
28-08-2022 Rajasthan Warriors vs Gujarat Giants Sunday
29-08-2022 Chennai Quick Gun vs Mumbai khiladis Monday
29-08-2022 Telugu Yoddhas vs Gujarat Giants Monday
30-08-2022 Mumbai Khiladis vs Odisha Juggernauts Tuesday
30-08-2022 Chennai Quick Gun vs Rajasthan Warriors Tuesday
31-08-2022 Gujarat Giants vs Rajasthan warriors Wednesday
31-08-2022 Telugu Yoddhas vs Odisha Juggernauts Wednesday
02-09-2022 Rank 3 vs Rank 4 Friday
02-09-2022 Rank 1 vs Rank 2 (Q1) Friday
03-09-2022 Q1 loser and Elim winner Saturday
04-09-2022 Q1 and Q2 winner (Finals) Sunday

The broadcast of the 2022 Ultimate Kho-Kho will be available on Sony Sports Network channels and online on Sony’s OTT platform SonyLiv. The teams will be facing each other for the first time ever and will hope to make history by winning the competition.

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