Aaron Judge’s historic Yankees season now among best ever

Let’s take a brief break from all the angst and anxiety surrounding the latest so-so outing by a Yankees starter, Matt Carpenter’s foot timetable and how the Yankees slipped all the way down to a rather pedestrian 71-42 to revel now in the best story of this season. And one that’s been too often overlooked so we can find time to carp and kvetch (Yiddish for carp) about what isn’t going perfect. 

That would be one Aaron James Judge. 

Yes, I know there’s already a whole section at Yankee Stadium that celebrates Judge every game day. But it feels as if the rest of us are way behind in paying tribute to his season for the ages. And it is that, maybe better. 

I asked eight longtime baseball scouts — and when I say longtime there’s an estimated 350 years between them (I estimated since I am too polite to ask my codger friends) — where they would rank the season Judge is having in historical context. And they texted back, as even geezers can text. 

“Right up near the top” 

“Right up there with the greats” 

“Pretty close to the top” 

“Near the all-time top” 

“Probably top 10” 

“Up there with the top 10” 

“If it continues top five for sure” 

“I have not ever seen a year like this” 

Aaron Judge hits a solo home run in the third inning of the Yankees' loss to the Red Sox.
Aaron Judge hits a solo home run in the third inning of the Yankees’ loss to the Red Sox.
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

Judge’s competition is no longer Yordan Alvarez, Jose Ramirez or Shohei Ohtani for MVP. Or, for Player of the Year, Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado or even Manny “Freaking” Machado. 

It’s Willie, Mickey and the Babe. It’s Judge versus the best ever, and he’s running even or better now. 

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