Fernando Tatis Jr. offers ridiculous lie as excuse for cheating

Not so long ago the brightest star in baseball, Fernando Tatis Jr. has turned out to be a fool who thinks everyone else is just as big a fool. Tatis was busted by MLB on Friday for taking an anabolic steroid, and reacted by issuing a statement that would only fly if the country had 100 percent illiteracy or everyone’s internet were permanently down. 

Tatis said he “inadvertently” took the performance-enhancing drug Clostebol to treat ringworm, and apparently either he, his agent or his marketing guy thought the world would mistake Clostebol, the synthetic anabolic steroid he was caught with, for Clobetasol, an over-the-counter drug used to treat skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. Clostebol is never prescribed for skin defects or ringworm. 

In effect, Tatis was busted again. You don’t have to be an internet sleuth to disprove his unbelievable story. Tatis needs to employ better liars, but more than that, he needs to clean up his own act. The first half of his season was wiped out in a fit of foolishness. This is much worse. 

Tatis’ 80-game PED suspension, announced Friday, stings all of baseball, but it really hurts the exciting Padres, who have energized their sleepy but beautiful burg. Padres general manager A.J. Preller texted: “We have a good team. [We] will rally from th is.” 

Perhaps they will, but as of today they may have somewhat less faith in Tatis’s $341 million contract. 

Fernando Tatis Jr.
Fernando Tatis Jr. is now both a cheater and a liar.

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