Jets’ season already in peril after Zach Wilson’s injury

PHILADELPHIA — All that was ever going to matter for the Jets this season was the quarterback. 

Zach Wilson was all that mattered. Everything revolved around his progress. 

In his second season after a rough rookie year, Wilson was the linchpin to anything the Jets were hoping to accomplish in 2022. 

Sure, there were a few dozen other Jets being evaluated Friday night in their preseason opener against the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field — a thoroughly-inconsequential 24-21 Jets comeback win. 

But Wilson was the only player who really mattered. 

Everyone was waiting to see at least small signs of improvement from him between Year One and Year Two, and Friday night was poised to provide an early glimpse. 

But now, after the concerning non-contact injury Wilson sustained to his right knee on his ninth play from scrimmage, Wilson’s Year Two may be over before it began — though sources told The Post the Jets are hopeful his injury will only cause him to miss weeks rather than months. 

Nevertheless, a Jets season that already carried with it more questions than an SAT exam is in doubt, if not outright peril. 

Zach Wilson is treated on the field after injuring his knee.
Zach Wilson is treated on the field after injuring his knee.
Chris Szagola/CSM/Shutterstock

After the game, head coach Robert Saleh was careful not to be overly optimistic. 

“I’m always concerned until you get the final evaluation,” said Saleh, who added the ACL is still intact based on first tests but said the MRI exam will tell the story. “We’ve walked off the field with very positive thoughts, and it’s been opposite. We’ve walked off the field with bad initial readings and it’s been the opposite. I’m just going to let it play out and we’ll see [Saturday]. 

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