Middle-to-late round QB’s offer best fantasy football values

In the third of a six-part fantasy draft preview series leading up the NFL season, Fantasy Insanity discusses quarterbacks. Next week: running backs. 

I love crab. I mean, it’s like my favorite food. King crab is the top crab, obviously — it’s right in the name. But in these times of crippling inflation, who can afford to eat king crab? It is just too expensive. 

I also love fantasy quarterbacks. The best ones, the fantasy kings, score so many points. But boy, are they expensive. Who can afford them? 

Who? Well, no one strategically trying to build a winning roster. Every fantasy manager has a budget — be it in auction or in basic draft-pick capital, and it just doesn’t make sense to spend a huge chunk on a quarterback. 

Why? Because unlike king crab, tasty fantasy QBs are in ample supply. Imagine if snow crab was almost as meaty and tasty as king. Why would you spend all that extra coin for king when you could get something comparable, if slightly less desirable, for a much cheaper price. Especially if ordering king meant you had to settle for just water as your drink, instead of a cocktail or brew? If it meant you couldn’t get an appetizer or side dish? 

By overpaying for a king crab QB, you will lose the opportunity to get, say, a filet mignon running back or a Chilean sea bass wide receiver. Instead, you could end up with a chopped steak backfield and flounder wideouts. 

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