Famous shirtless photo sparks awkward Derek Jeter moment on ESPN

Derek Jeter apparently isn’t fond of the famous “shirtless shortstop” Sports Illustrated cover he was a part of, making for an awkward moment during his appearance on the “Kay-Rod” broadcast. 

During the alternative broadcast of Yankees-Red Sox on ESPN2, Michael Kay brought up the shot from 1997 that featured five of the best young shortstops of the era. It featured Alex Gonzalez, Edger Renteria, Rey Ordonez, Alex Rodriguez and Jeter shirtless in their baseball pants. Jeter, who was making his first appearance on the show, asked for it not to be shown. 

It initially was not aired, and Kay joked Jeter “scared” producer Joe McCoy into not putting it up. 

“No please man, no.” Jeter said. “This will be my last visit here.” 

Not long after the former Yankees captain — who also talked about his relationship with Rodriguez, Aaron Judge’s amazing season and other topics — got the words out of his mouth, the photo appeared on the left side of the screen, and Jeter did not seem too pleased. 

Derek Jeter didn’t seem happy this famous Sports Illustrated cover was shown on Sunday night.

It was nice having you,” said Rodriguez, who co-hosts with Kay, in an attempt to make light of the situation. 

It didn’t seem to change Jeter’s mind, at least on the surface. 

“This is my last time here, yeah,” Jeter said, not giving a clear indication if he was joking. 

If that is it for Jeter on the show, it was a heck of an appearance.

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