Even miserable night against Braves can’t dull Mets’ shine

The Mets could not have had a less enjoyable day and night in Atlanta, even before this ungodly mess of a blowout took full form. They sat through a 55-minute rain delay, then watched 13-game winner Carlos Carrasco exit with left-side tightness hours after the bad news hit on Luis Guillorme’s groin. 

To add insult to those injuries, Edwin Diaz’s anthem, “Narco,” became William Contreras’ home-run song, and Spencer Strider, the same rookie who called the Mets lucky after his Braves lost four out of five at Citi Field, got the decision in a 13-1 victory that wasn’t nearly as meaningful as the scoreboard suggested. 

Hey, one brutal 24-hour news cycle doesn’t change four months of pure bliss, especially after Darin Ruf needed 14 pitches to get six outs in the seventh and eighth, and especially with Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom scheduled to go against the second-place Braves on Wednesday and Thursday. 

The Mets are still 34 games over .500, still 17-4 since July 23, and still 8-5 aga inst Atlanta for the year. They are still the toast of the town and a team that has provided a sanctuary for its beleaguered customers. 

The Mets fan has often been pitied and ridiculed, so the reality of being envied has to feel wonderfully disconcerting. Just take a quick look around New York, overrun by people who wish their primary teams were operating as efficiently as the Mets are operating right now. 

Yankees fans are worried that what appeared to be an historic season might be coming undone. 

The Mets watch from the dugout during their lopsided loss to the Braves.
The Mets watch from the dugout during their lopsided loss to the Braves.

Jets fans can’t even enjoy the early stages of a rebuild because their alleged franchise quarterback-to-be keeps hurting his knee. 

Giants fans still have no clue if their alleged franchise quarterback-to-be is a worthy NFL starter as he approaches his fourth year. 

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