FIFA Bans AIFF: Here is the List of Countries Suspended by Football’s Governing Body Due to ‘Third-Party Interference’ Just Like All India Football Federation

The All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) has been banned by the International Federation of Association of Football (FIFA) today, August 16. This so called ‘harsh’ move has been taken by the global body due to alleged third-party activity regarding the election of the Indian Federaion. FIFA has suspended the national association with immediate effect after the latter violated the international rule of Sporting election. The problem over the president election process in AIFF started when long-serving president Praful Patel denied to step down despite recent warning from the Supreme Court of India. After FIFA threatened to ban India from international football due to undue process in election last month, the SC advised the AIFF to appoint a Committee of Administrators (CoA) as soon as possible. After this process was halted, the global body of football found it a violation of their rules and ethics and suspended the AIFF. FIFA Suspends All India Football Federation (AIFF) Over Third Party Influences 

However, this is not the first time FIFA has suspended a country due to violations of the FIFA statute. Recently, several countries all over the world have been banned by the supreme football organisation  due to third-party or illegal activities in the nations’ associations. Let’s have a look at the names of the football playing countries that have been handed suspension by the FIFA.  Centre Mentions AIFF Suspension by FIFA Before Supreme Court, Seeks Hearing on Wednesday 

Indonesia (2015): Indonesia was handed a ban by the FIFA in 2015 because the country’s government interfered in the footballing affairs of their national organization. However, the ban was lifted in May, 2016 before the nation missed out on 2018 World Cup and 2019 Asian Cup.

Kuwait (2015):  The country from the Middle-East Asia was suspended by the FIFA in 2015 from any forms of international and regional football after the finding about their government’s interference in the footballing affairs. The suspension was lifted in 2017.

Pakistan (2017 & 2022): Pakistan were the third nation that faced a FIFA suspension in the last decade after the global body found out the ‘third-party affairs’ in the nation’s footballing activities. However, the ban was lifted in 2018 after the nation was away from international football for one-year. They were once again suspended this year after a section of Pakistan Football body’s officials took over the charge of the whole association. However, the ban was lifted immidiately.

Chad (2021): The national football Association of this country was terminated from the contract by their Youth and Sports Ministry in 2021 which pushed FIFA to ban them with immediate effect.

Zimbabwe (2022) : Zimbabwe is one of the nations which was banned the FIFA beacuse the football body of the African nation was expelled by their government after alleged ‘sexual scandal.’ The suspension is still in effect.

Kenya (2022): This African country was suspended by FIFA in March this year. The Kenyan government appointed a caretaker committee to oversee the proceedings in the national association which violated the regulations of the FIFA. The ban is still active as there has not been any progress to the alleged ‘illegal’ situation in the Kenyan Football Federation.

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