WWE just made Ronda Rousey a whole lot more interesting

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We are finally going to see the best version of Ronda Rousey in WWE, and it’s long overdue.

Fans have long complained about Rousey’s babyface promos. They can feel uncomfortable, unemotional, over-scripted and like she is just going through the motions. There were calls for her to get a manager or mouthpiece because the segments were so uninspiring and failed to keep the audience invested in her as a babyface after she got through a bigger heel in Charlotte Flair.

Funny how no one has been saying that the past few weeks as Rousey’s heel turn is progressing. 

What we saw last Friday on SmackDown was Rousey as she should be, as she wants to be and as she is most comfortable. Isn’t that always the key to getting the best out of any performer? The “Baddest Woman on the Planet” wants to act like just that and be more heelish. She said so on Daniel Cormier’s “The DC Check-In” podcast last month when she talked about Vince McMahon nixing plans for her to return as a heel after she was cheered when she won the Royal Rumble.

“I love being a bitch!” Rousey said. “It’s my outlet for bitchery!”

She certainly got to let it out on Friday.

Rousey, who is “suspended” after her attack on a referee following a controversial loss to SmackDown women’s champion Liv Morgan at SummerSlam, entered through the crowd because she technically isn’t supposed to be there. She dumped double the amount of money she was “fined” in storyline on the table set for Morgan and friend Shayna Baszler’s contract signing. It was a boss move, a show of power to say, “I’m better than and richer than all of you here.” She should feel that way after all she has accomplished in her judo and MMA career. There was a confidence and belief in her promo that has been missing in the past as she will likely get even more freedom with Triple H now running creative.

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