Giants’ Tyrod Taylor ‘might’ get reps with starters

Last week, head coach Brian Daboll wanted to convey something to Daniel Jones on the spot and so he motioned for Jones to come off the practice field and sent backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor in for one snap with the starting offense. 

Daboll said getting Taylor some reps with the first team could happen again. 

“Yeah, as we get going here in terms of the preseason games, we’ll talk about whatever we think is best,” Daboll said Tuesday. “But I have full confidence in Daniel and full confidence in Tyrod and what his role is. Each day, we sit there and we evaluate the guys. But will [Taylor] get a few reps here or there? He might.” 

Whoa. Taylor might get more work with the starters? 

Hold your whoa. If it happens it is no reflection on the summer Jones is having or any weakening of his hold on the starting job. 

Giants quarterback Tyrod Taylor (2) participates in practice drills during training camp in East Rutherford, N.J. Tuesday, August 16, 2022.
Giants quarterback Tyrod T aylor (2) participates in practice drills during training camp.
Noah K. Murray/New York Post

“Absolutely not,” Daboll said. “No. I learned from a pretty good coach a while ago, usually he doesn’t tell those guys when he throws them in because that’s what the backup’s role is. You have to go in on a split second. You prepare like you’re a starter. But the fourth play of a game, something happens, you’re in, you got to be ready to go. So, I don’t necessarily think we’ll tell those guys when that will happen.” 

So, to be clear: Jones remains the unquestioned starter, for now. 

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