Jets’ Sauce Gardner impressing with ‘unique confidence’

Asked what he thinks Sauce Gardner can become in the NFL, Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich didn’t even want to answer the question out of fear that it would get back to the rookie cornerback.

Between Gardner’s renowned quickness, top-notch ball skills and the swagger with which he struts (and talks) around the field, Ulbrich probably doesn’t want it to go to the 21-year-old’s head before he even makes his NFL debut. It’s safe to say, however, the Jets think very highly of their fourth-overall pick from this year’s draft.

“He has a unique confidence, especially for a rookie,” Ulbrich said after practice on Tuesday. “It just speaks to who he is as a man. A lot of times you see fake swagger, fake confidence, and phony talk. With him, it’s completely authentic. In reality, it’s earned from the way he prepares and the way he works and the way he knows what he’s doing. He’s very aware of his ability and what he’s capable of becoming.

“It’s really cool when you have guys that have that sort of confidence and swag, it just elevates the group. He’ll continue to have that effect on the group.”

Ahmad Gardner and Robert Saleh
Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner and Jets coach Robert Saleh
Getty Images

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