Yankees fans turn bleachers into barbershop in loss to Rays

The Yankees have been unbearable to watch lately, and the Bleacher Creatures want them to cut it out — literally.

The YES Network broadcast of Tuesday’s 3-1 loss to the Rays caught one fan, draped with a barber’s bib and all, getting a haircut from another fan, equipped with a spray bottle, comb and sheers. (It’s unclear how the fan made it past Yankee Stadium security with the contraband).

“Wow — they’re giving haircuts in the bleachers. I need a little trim. Want to go out there tomorrow?” Michael Kay asked his partners in the booth in the bottom of the eighth.

“I don’t know if that guy’s board certified, Michael,” Paul O’Neill said of the fan giving the trim. “You might come back looking awful funny.”

The Yankees are riding a three-game losing streak and are in danger of getting swept by the Rays at home on Wednesday. In August, the Yankees are a dreadful 3-11 but still are nine games up on the Tampa Bay Rays for first place in the AL East at 72-45.

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