‘Of course’ Deshaun Watson got second chance

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam believes in second chances, especially when it comes to his star quarterback in Deshaun Watson.

In a press conference at the team’s facility on Thursday — following the disciplinary ruling of Watson’s 11-game suspension and $5 million fine — Haslam defended the Browns’ decision to trade for the quarterback, saying they’d “absolutely” make the same decision today.

“I think in this country and hopefully in the world, people deserve second chances, OK. I really think that,” Haslam said. “I struggle a little bit. Is he never supposed to play again? Is he never supposed to be a part of society? Does he get no chance to rehabilitate himself? That’s what we’re gonna do, OK.

“You can say that’s because he’s a star quarterback. Well, of course,” Haslam said with a slight chuckle. “But if he was Joe Smith he wouldn’t be [in] the headlines every day. We think people deserve a second chance. We gave Kareem Hunt a second chance and that’s worked out pretty well.”

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam
Browns owner Jimmy Haslam

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