Fallout from Deshaun Watson’s suspension

At last. Finally. It’s about time.

We actually have some closure on the Deshaun Watson punishment in the aftermath of two dozen sexual misconduct lawsuits. The ultimate ban is 11 games.

So essentially, the appeal verdict is an inverse of the original six-game suspension. He now will be eligible to play just six games instead of miss just six games.

For fantasy purposes, this virtually eliminates him from our draft boards, for a couple of reasons.

First, we expect some overly optimistic managers to draft him too high. We’re not sure we would draft him at all — can’t imagine that even if we did, he would survive on our roster until his projected Week 13 debut.

So we expect his price to remain too high for our consideration. Now, if it gets close to his return date and you find him forgotten on your waiver wire (possibly, but highly unlikely), then we would think about adding him at that point. But not during the draft.

Next, we’re not confident he will produce stellar fantasy results. He missed all of last season on the exempt list as the allegations mounted and the legal process played out. He is not eligible to return until the Week 13 clash against his former team, the conveniently scheduled Texans on Dec. 4.

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson
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