September 27, 2023

Popular Instagram belly dancer, Jane Mena has proposed the kind of partners ladies should look out for.

According to her, a partner who can’t bear to one in pain is the kind to date.

Along with having a high intolerance to see one go through pains, she also noted a partner with a conscience is one of the best there is.

She explained partners with such qualities are worth more than gold though it doesn’t guarantee absence of quarrel, fight or argument but stated those kind of partners never willfully hurt their loved ones.

Mr Plies said: “Date a partner that can’t stand you in pain. A partner with a conscience.

“Oh Yes, you guys will fight, argue, quarrel but they’ll not intentionally inflict pain on you, neither will they ignore you in pain. These qualities are worth more than Gold.

The Instagram celebrity who recently welcomed her first child with her hubby also prayed that grant the prayers of women seeking kind, caring men.

“And to each and everyone of you praying for a kind caring man, May the Good lord send him your way in Jesus name, Amennnn,” she added.

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