October 3, 2023

Naomi Chima

Parents have been urged not to hide their children with disabilities, but to bring them out and showcase their abilities.

The appeal was made by the founder of Super Parents Foundation, Mofoluwasho Liasu, during the public presentation of a book titled, “Everyone Belongs” which celebrates differences in kids and seeks to foster the inclusion of special kids in society.

The book written by Islamiyat Akinsola and the founder, Liasu, was unveiled at the sixth inclusion children’s party held at Adeyemo Bero Hall, Alausa, Ikeja.

Speaking at the event, Liasu, said, “This party is organised to integrate children with disabilities and those without disabilities. It is to help them to form lasting friendships and also to teach them empathy.

“To parents keeping their children away from society, they are losing a lot. These children are part of the human resources, people that are going to develop the nation. They should bring them out and showcase their abilities. They should expose them and they will get support.

“People are willing to support them, but how would we know if you do not showcase your child, or know you? So you have to come out and talk about it.”

Also speaking, General Manager, Lagos State Office of Disability Affairs, Dare Dairo, said, “These special kids are amazing, and I want every parent with a child with special needs to see their children as wonderful gifts packaged differently, one that will take a lot of effort, and time to begin to unravel, like the layers of onions, the wonderful potential and abilities in that child.

“It takes patience, commitment, dedication and gratitude, a bond of understanding that a child with special needs is just like any other child and deserves love and attention and to be allowed to blossom like we have seen here today.”


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