October 3, 2023

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen continued his dominant streak by securing his third consecutive victory and fifth win in seven races at the Spanish Grand Prix, establishing firm control over the season.

With this triumph, Verstappen achieved his 40th career victory and extended his championship lead over his teammate Sergio Perez to a substantial 53 points.

In a promising performance for Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, and George Russell finished second and third respectively. Russell faced a late charge from Perez in the final laps but managed to hold on, securing his first podium finish of the year.

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Carlos Sainz, who started the race in second place on the grid with the upgraded Ferrari, unfortunately, slipped down to fifth by the end, losing fourth position to Perez in the closing stages.

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Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso showcased his skill and determination by charging up from 10th place after his final pit stop. He overtook three drivers and claimed a commendable seventh-place finish.

Notably, Alonso had the opportunity to surpass his Aston Martin teammate Lance Stroll for sixth place. However, he chose to back off and maintain his position behind the Canadian driver. Alonso even communicated over the radio to instruct his team to inform Stroll that there was “no risk” of him attempting to overtake.

Overall, Max Verstappen’s victory further solidifies his position at the top of the championship standings, while Mercedes and their drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell showcased their competitive form.

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