March 29, 2023

Movie star Deyemi Okanlawon has recounted how he escaped beating by some thugs in Lagos.

He claimed road user that brushed his car decided to raise the false alarm, attracting ‘area boys’ who started hitting his assistant.

Okanlawon said: “Never been so livid! Guy scratches my car and my assistant went with him so we could settle the matter down the road.

“Guy drives another way, gets out of his car then starts shouting “THIEF”! Before I could figure what was going on area boys gathered & started beating my assistant!

“Of course, the area boys, after one of them chopped slap for the stupidity of laying hands on my guy, turned on the guy once I showed up. I now had to choose between payback and de-escalating the situation!

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“He was really going to let area boys injure my assistant! A part of me actually wished he had tried to fight instead of pleading. I just know someone would have bled,” he tweeted.

The actor confessed he was still in shock by the experience because he came pretty close to hurting a fellow human.

“Omo, we were raised to value peace but have the training to really cause damage. Still shaken up by how close I came to physically hurting another human being this morning! God o, me that my career is just starting to make sense please deliver me from evil,” he prayed.

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