October 3, 2023

Victoria Edema

A 35-year-old sickle cell survivor, Ndubuisi Igwala, has cried out for help concerning his ailment.

 The 2016 Biology Education graduate from the University of Benin hails from Delta State but was born and bred in Benin City, Edo.

Speaking with our correspondent, Igwala, who was born with sickle cell anemia, revealed that the condition gave him some complications, which led to the amputation of his hand.

He said, “Sickle cell anemia comes with different kinds of complications. My bones were affected. Along the line, the bone got infected and the only way to keep me alive was to amputate it so that the infection would not spread to my heart.”

He mentioned that the amputation happened in 2018, adding that it was followed by a hip replacement surgery in 2019.

Speaking about his present condition, the survivor said, “I’ve not been anything. I’ve just been at home. I go to the hospital every day to dress my hip.

“Currently, my hip is bad. What caused the hip issue is that I did a hip replacement surgery in 2019 and the implant only lasted three years.

“Along the line, I got an infection on the hip. Then a boil grew there and it opened up on its own with pus coming out from it. So I’ve been dressing it since that time till now.”

Adding that his mother had been the one taking care of him, the survivor revealed that he had lost two siblings due to sickle cell complications.

Igwala said, “It has been my mum that has been taking care of me for a long time. She’s the one that feeds me, wash my clothes, and takes care of me. I’m her only surviving sickle cell child. My other two siblings died of sickle cell complications.

“One died at 18 years while the baby died at six months.

“My parents are both AS. When the issue started, my dad left my mum to marry another woman. The children he keeps giving birth to keep dying. So he left for another woman.”

Advising couples on the need to know their genotype, he added, “I’ve been advocating for people to check their genotype before starting any relationship because sickle cell can actually destroy any happy home.

“Even if the home is a very wealthy home, sickle cell can actually remove peace from that home.”

He also revealed that he was suffering from a bone infection known as Osteomyelitis, adding that he spends N4,000 to dress the wound daily and N60,000 monthly for other medications.

Speaking on his means of survival, Igwala said, “For some time now, it has been some people online that have been supporting me financially, in taking my medication and treatment. They’ve been trying their best the way they can.

“I’ve done three surgeries in the past. I’m even supposed to go for the hip surgery but due to the condition, there’s no way it can be done till the wound is healed and free from infections.”

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