October 2, 2023

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag admits he’s not opposed to the idea of a European Super League being created but is yet to lay eyes on the new proposals.

The breakaway competition was first put forward as a concept two years ago – with the backing of Europe’s biggest clubs – but was met with fierce opposition from supporters around the continent.

There was particular ill feeling towards the idea from fans in England, with many taking to the streets to demonstrate against their club’s participation. Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City, and United eventually withdrew their support.

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Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus have continued to back the idea, citing the need for reform in European football, and European Super League executive Bernd Reichart revealed earlier this week a new ten-principle plan aimed at creating a rival competition to the Champions League.

The latest proposal would include as many as 80 teams in a merit-based competition, rather than a closed-door system as had previously been suggested.

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“I’m aware of the dynamic of what’s going on in sections but if I see they’re coming up with new ideas I have to have a look at it and I will make an opinion. So I’m not aware because we are playing so many games in this moment,” Ten Hag told the media when asked for his thoughts.

“We have to develop this team, we have some problems with new players to bring in, so that’s where my focus point is, therefore I need all my energy.

“About new European competitions; other people at the club will have a look at it and inform me if the time is there and we have to make decisions, but the decision is up to the club.

“I think the current structure is good but there will always be initiatives to make it better, to make the football better and that is what life is; people always want to construct better, which is a good thing because if it is in favour of the football, it is always good.

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