November 29, 2023

Mercedes-Benz AG and Microsoft are to collaborate on a new cloud-based data platform that they claim will  make vehicle production more efficient, resilient and sustainable.

With the new MO360 Data Platform, Mercedes-Benz is connecting its around 30-passenger car plants worldwide to the Microsoft Cloud. It says this will enhance transparency and predictability across its digital production and supply chain.

The MO360 Data Platform is described as the evolution of Mercedes-Benz’ digital production ecosystem MO360 and allows teams to identify potential supply chain bottlenecks faster and enable a dynamic prioritisation of production resources towards electric and Top-End vehicles.

This unified data platform is standardised on Microsoft Azure, providing Mercedes-Benz with flexibility and cloud computing power to run artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics at global scale while addressing cybersecurity and compliance standards across regions. The platform is already available to teams in EMEA and will be deployed in the United States and China.

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