February 28, 2024

Few hours after award winning artist Wizkid floored rappers, some of them have launched a counter attack to affirm their relevance.

Wizkid began his rant on Friday via an instagram post, claiming that he doesn’t listen to rap music because it is boring and the rappers use the same beat.

He continued on Saturday calling Nigerian rappers broke.

This sparked a lot of angry reactions from netizens.

One of the pioneers of rap music in Nigeria, M I Agaba insisted that rap is on the rise, even though some rappers are not as popular yet.

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He said: “The energy around HIP-HOP right now feels right. I know most rappers are still not the most popular yet.. but right now is time for us to focus on the craft.. just keep getting better.. this year we did so well as a genre and next year we grow!!. Point is that rap is on the rise!”

Actress Uche Ogbodo said: ‘Wizkid was wrong, too wrong. How could you say such things about your people? Who do us this thing sef, which babalawo mix this juju wey say Nigerians must hate fellow Nigerians, No loyalty to your people. To your country, only selfishness everywhere. Abeg make all of them getat! This is not nice, all Nigerian rappers y’all are the biggest and the getat #justicefornaijarappers’

Rapper blaqbonez also known as Emeka the stallion said: ‘I’m not dead, I’m handsome.”

Music duo, ajebo hustlers said: ‘We are not dead, we are stylish’

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