June 15, 2024
Peter Obi and Mr Macaroni

Popular skit maker Mr Macaroni has clapped back at a troll who referred to him as ‘Yoruba bastard’ for supporting the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi.
Mr Macaroni prompted the troll to continue wailing because the Labour Party candidate will get his vote in the 2023 polls.

The troll identified as ‘MulbahLove’ in a tweet castigated Mr Macaroni for supporting and hailing the Igbo who she claimed would still treat the comedian with hate.

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She adopted a proverb to buttress her stance of how foolish the comic star was for his choice of candidate while she continued dishing out a stream of expletives at the media personality.

“Yoruba Bastard is who you are.. Continue hailing the Igbo… They will still hate you…. Only a fool point to his father house with left hand….. You are disgrace to yoruba people…. Your mother should disown you… Ode”, tweeted the troll.

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Reacting, Mr Macaroni said: “Your tears fill my heart with joy. Continue wailing. Peter Obi has my vote. Oya cry some more.”

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