November 29, 2023

NIGERIA Shipowners’ Association (NISA) has agreed to resuscitate its proposed shipping company, NISA Shipping Line, which, it believes, will create 50,000 jobs for Nigerian seafarers as well as contribute greatly to the national GDP.

The NISA Shipping Line may not sail the seas until the association elects new executives who will come up with the modalities for its actualisation.

The refloating of the line and the election/reconciliation were among the resolutions reached by NISA members at their general meeting in Apapa, Lagos. The meeting was presided over by Chief Isaac Jolapamo, Chairman, NISA Board of Trustees.

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Justifying the reintroduction of the shipping line, Josiah Wasa, the Secretary of NISA Steering Committee, said “NISA must have a structure in place to drive the $500 million fleet project. The NISA Shipping Line when it comes to live will employ 50,000 seafarers and contribute huge amount of revenue into the national economy. We must fill that gap, make money for ourselves and take seafarers out of unemployment.”

Also Prince Sonny Omatseye, the Chairman of NISA Steering Committee who presented the report of the committee, said the shipping line will be driven by the public. “NISA shareholders won’t hold more than 5% shares in the company.”

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