December 6, 2023

Retired Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) Referee, Match  Commissioner, Joseph Okeke has faulted the Nigerian Referees Association (NRA) for its insensitivity in allowing Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to conduct fitness test for referees despite their (referees) indemnities of not yet settled from last season.

Okeke said the decision to conduct the test without the payment to the men in black their indemnities not being paid is tantamount to deny them their rights.

“I can’t imagine that Tade Azeez-led board would sit back and allow fitness test  to be conducted by  Nigeria Football Federation Referee Department despite the indemnities of referees, match commissioners from last season not being paid by the League Management Company, (LMC)  now Interim management Committee, (IMC).

Okeke however demanded for a change in leadership structure of the NRA. He said the tenure of the current board at both the state and national levels, have expired.

“I am not disappointed that Tade Azeez would have allowed this to happen because of his selfish interest by perpetrating himself in office knowing that his tenure has expired and has refused to call for election at both state and national levels

“It is time for referees to wake up and take back their association if NRA fail to set machinery in motion for  electoral committee to be set up  in the next few days and  elections to be conducted at both state and national levels.

“Nigeria referees and match commissioners  have not been paid their accumulated indemnities from last season while a fitness test is being conducted for a new season where a referee is expected to pay a minimum of fifteen thousand naira not to to talk of the cost of travelling and other logistics,” Okeke stated.

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