December 3, 2023
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It appears sport betting and prediction company Betfuse has come of age as it is enjoying accolades from different quarters, especially the social media community. Not only have some individuals openly expressed their satisfaction with using the platforms, some brand influencers have also inadvertently or otherwise endorsed the brand.

In a series of posts on the brand’s Instagram page, notable brand influencers and content creators like MrFunnyn (Sabinus), Brainjotter, Nasboi, Isbae_u, Sydneytalker and others have thrown their weights behind the sport betting and prediction company, with different content or skits to drive home their points on the popularity of the platform.

In a skit made by @MrFunny known as Sabinus, Sabinus met a guy who claimed to have made a huge profit from betting after having consulted the Betfuse app, for odds and tips. Sabinus then asked the guy to celebrate his winnings for him by taking him to a cafeteria where Sabinus lived it up on the house.

Brainjotter also made a skit to pronounce his admiration for the betting brand. In the skit, Brainjotter was supposed to meet a date for lunch and on getting there he found out she was with a friend. Brainjotter, who must have put himself on a strict budget attempted to skip upon spotting them but his date called him back, that it was her friend who was paying as a result of having won hugely based on the odds and tips provided by Betfuse

Nasboi, Isbae_u, Sydneytalker and others also did different skits with different concepts to promote the betting brand.

“Be assured you’ve won, before you launch. As far as the world of sportsbetting is concerned, we are the best growing sports predictions brand you can trust your stakes with. We offer 2-5 odds plus free tips daily, ht/ft analysis and massive weekend longshot

“For high stake subscribers, we have a private maxbet channel that admits on payment for our premium analysed games,” nsays the founder/

Betfuse was founded in 2018 by Abayomi Opeyemi Isaac, a staunch lover of sports and football games .

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