November 29, 2023

The energy, which the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) sent out to the 11 electricity Distribution Company of Nigeria (TCN) dipped by 3,301.39MW in 24 hours , The Nation learnt on Sunday.

Its 24-hour Grid Performance Dashboard of 19/11/2022, said the 99,335.92MW which the System Operator sent out on 18/11/2022, declined to 96,03453MW on 19/11/2022.

It was a decline of 3.32% in the period under review.

The SO noted that whereas 100,307.23MWh was energy generated on 18/11/2022, the GenCos produced 97,021.89MW on 19/11/2022, indicating 3,285.34MW decrease in energy production in 24 hours. It showed a 3.27% reduction the energy generated in the period under review.

At 06:00 hours on 20/11/2022, 21 electricity GenCos produced 4,235.50MW.

Besides, of the 102,835.2MWhr that the GenCos produced on Thursday, 17th November, 2022, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN ) wheeled 101,841.07 MWh, leaving 1,124.37MW stranded in 24 hours.

The Independent System Operator (SO) of the TCN which made these disclosures in a document that The Nation obtained at the weekend , said on the day under review the GenCos recorded 4,609.80MW of peak generation and 3,988.53MW off-Peak generation.

Aother document that The Nation sighted in Abuja, which was titled “List of GenCos and their MW Load @06:00hrs on 18/11/2022,” 19 GenCos produced 3,816.20MW, said Alaoji (Gas) generated 80MW with one unit, Azura -Edo (IPP) gas produced 441MW with three units, Dandikowa GS (Hydro) generated 433MW with two units.

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It also noted that Delta (Gas) produced 433MW with eight units, Egbin (Steam) produced 540MW with three units, Geregu NIPP (Gas) generated 105MW with one unit, Geregu NIPP (Gas) produced 135MW with one unit.

According to the data, Ihovbor (Gas) produced 96.40MW with two units, Jebba (Hydro) generated 284MW with three units. With five units, Kainji (Hydro ) produced 502MW, Odukpani NIPP (Gas) produced 216.80Mw with two units, and with four units, Olorunsogo NIPP (Gas) produced 120Mw while Olorunsogo (Gas) generated 55MW with four units.
The report said Omotosho (Gas) produced 100.60MW with three units, Omotosho NIPP (Gas) generated 108.60MW with one unit and Paras Energy (Gas) generated 58MW with eight units, Rivers IPP (Gas) produced 90MW with one unit.
The SO added that Sapele NIPP (Gas) produced 104.390MW with one unit and Shiroro (Hydro) 390MW generated 300MW with two units.
In a similar document, which The Nation obtained at the weekend, the SO said it sent 3,313MW to the 11 electricity distribution companies (DisCos) across the country.
The document that was titled: “Distribution Load Profile Data as at 18/11/2022 09:45,” Abuja DisCo was allocated 448MW, Benin DisCo got 273MW, Eko DisCo received 412MW, Enugu DisCo was allocated 319MW, Ibadan DisCo got 403MW, Ikeja DisCo received was allocated 472MW and Jos DisCo got 191MW.
According to the data, Kaduna DisCo got 223MW, Kano DisCo received 236MW, Port Harcourt DisCo got 241MW while Yola DisCo received 95MW.

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