June 19, 2024

UEFA has opened an inquiry after a fan in Eindhoven ran onto the field and punched Sevilla’s goalkeeper during a Europa League match.

Marko Dmitrović wrestled the fan to the ground after being attacked late in Thursday’s match against PSV Eindhoven.

Players from both teams surrounded the fan, who was led away as many supporters in PSV Stadium booed.

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Dmitrović was unhurt and completed the game. Sevilla lost 2-0 to PSV in the second-leg match but advanced 3-2 on aggregate. Six-time champion Sevilla will face Fenerbahce in the round of 16.

UEFA did not make a statement but confirmed Friday that it has opened a case.

Dmitrović said it’s “never nice” to see such incidents and called on authorities to punish the fan.

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