December 7, 2023

Amarachi Okeh

A Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr. Stanley Egbogu, has cautioned women against having unprotected sexual intercourse with uncircumcised male adults, noting that it increased their risk of contracting the human papilloma virus (HPV).

According to the Consultant Gynaecologist, uncircumcised men are noted to be carriers of HPV.

This admonition of the gynaecologist is also supported by a study conducted by the National Centre for Biotechnology which found that uncircumcised men have an increased risk of HPV infection, including with oncogenic HPV possibly because of its proximity to the foreskin, which may be particularly vulnerable to infection.

The study suggested that the increased risk of multiple HPV infections among uncircumcised men may simply reflect “an enhanced vulnerability of the foreskin to multiple episodes of infection by different HPV types over time.”

Out of the 379 men that participated in the study, the prevalence of any HPV infection in the glans/corona was significantly higher in uncircumcised men (46%) than in circumcised men (29%).

Also, among uncircumcised men, HPV prevalence in the foreskin was considerably higher than was found in circumcised men.

The human papillomavirus infection, according to experts, is the principal cause of cervical cancer and is often contracted through sexual contact with men.

While HPV infection is also common in men, it is usually asymptomatic, experts say.

Speaking further with Reportr Door HealthWise, Egbogu said the presence of genital warts, caused by the HPV virus, is an indication that a person’s immunity is low.

“A lot of people come in contact with the HPV virus but they don’t know it and that is because the immune system can flush it out but if the immune system is low, that is when they will now develop problems.

“So, if the woman is eating well-balanced nutritious meals, the immune system will be strong. So, even if the woman comes in contact with the HPV virus, the body will shade it out.

“Those who go ahead to develop issues are those whose immunity is poor. Maybe they have HIV or are pregnant, although this is not a strong factor.

To protect against any form of the HPV virus, the maternal health expert urged women to avoid unprotected sex and eat healthily, adding that young girls from the age of nine should also be given the HPV vaccine to protect against the virus.

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