June 19, 2024

The skit-making industry has evolved from a hobby to being a business. Comedy is ranked the third-largest entertainment industry in Nigeria with a net worth of over N50 billion.

In Nigeria, talented actors have morphed into content creators and making millions from it.In no particular order, we take a look at the wave making skit makers you should be paying attention to.

1. Taaooma

Greene Apaokagi Maryam, professionally known as Taaooma shocked many when she emerged as the one of the content creators with the most views on YouTube. She is one of the most followed Instagram skit makers and one of the most influential.In an interview, she said her skits once had zero comments.

“One of the challenges I faced was that I didn’t get enough audience at that point and I understood that it was very normal because I was just growing. But it is also very discouraging because you feel like is anybody actually watching the things I am doing?“But the main goal wasn’t the skit at that point, it was to learn how to edit, so when I do my clips and edit, I just post and dump it there. So, I don’t check to really see what’s going on there as I was focused on my YouTube to brush up my editing skills to be used in another video.

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“But when I started getting like one or two comments, it gave me the courage to keep going. I kept going and it was the consistency for me. Sometimes, I got hateful comments but I used the comments as a point to readjust myself, assess what they are complaining about and make sure I correct it in my next video”.

2. Ashmushy

With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and over 3,000 subscribers on YouTube, Amarachi Amusi, aka Ashmushy, is not just making people smile, she is also smiling to the bank.

In March 2022, she celebrated having one million followers on Instagram by announcing that she had became a homeowner. Ashmushy also posted pictures of the house and added the caption, “Got me another one to celebrate my new one million real followers, so feel free to double celebrate me.”

3. Kiriku

When you think of Enorese Victory aka Kiriku words like talented, creative and outspoken comes to mind. Kiriku is one of the most inspirational youngsters making waves at the moment.

Kiriku who is known for wearing an oversized shirt has attained a level of success his age mates desire when they are older. In an earlier interview Kiriku stated that he doesn’t experience age discrimination in the entertainment industry.

He recently bought two Mercedes-Benz vehicles. He took to his Twitter page to announce the good news with a photo of him and the new cars. He added the caption, “God don do am (God has done it). Double double”. As at the time of filing this report he has 227K subscribers on YouTube and 1,2 million followers on Instagram.

Talent manager, Mayowa Adenekan a.k.a Mayorspeaks describe him as a chap worth paying attention.

“Just Like a diamond in the rough , child actor and skit maker, Enorense Victory a.k.a Kiriku was discovered and he has gone on to become a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian content creation space, He currently has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 224,000 subscribers. His facial expressions, articulate delivery and spontaneity are one of the glowing traits that makes him unique and distinct. He is an epitome of a boy who is young and getting it”.

4. Sabinus

Popular comedian, skit maker and actor, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel, also known as Sabinus is undoubtedly one of the highest paid and most influential content creators we have in Nigeria at the moment. .Sabinus’s funny relatable skits is perhaps one of his secret weapons.

Oga Sabinus is the brand ambassador for a popular betting site: Oddstackr and many others. Some of his role models who have influenced him in his comedy career are Mr Ibu and Charles Inojie.

Mr Funny has also featured in multiple Nollywood movies, the likes of ‘Billionaire’s Bride’, ‘Man of War’.Oga Sabinus won the Online social content creators’ award a category of the AMVCA earlier this year. He was nominated alongside other skit makers.

5. Nons Miraj

Chinonso Ukah, aka Nons Miraj and Ada Jesus, is a beautiful skit maker, social media influencer and actress. Her content are relatable, authentic and humorous.

In an interview Nons Miraj who had earlier acted in some Nollywood movies noted that skit making pays her more than acting.

“Content creation has changed my life in a very big way. I remember when I used to act in Nollywood films, I would be paid as little as N30,000, and they would keep me on set for one week. Sometimes, one would get stressed. They won’t even give one preferential treatment. But, with skits, one does things on one’s accord.

One is not working under anybody. One dictates the amount one wants to be paid based on the services one is rendering to the people that are paying for adverts. The life is just soft and sweet. Content creation is beautiful, as long as one is doing the right thing.”

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