July 13, 2024

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, caused a stir on the Internet when she openly declared her support for the All Progressives Congress and its candidates in the 2023 elections.

The actress had on Wednesday shared pictures of herself with the governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, announcing her membership as part of the APC women presidential campaign team.

Her husband, Odi Okojie, is also an APC candidate for the Esan North East/ South East federal constituency in Edo State.

Sharing the photos from the campaign, the actress wrote, “Earlier today, I joined His Excellency, Babajide Sanwo-Olu and the incredible women leaders that make up the APC ‘Women Presidential Campaign Team’ at the APC women Southwest Rally.

“As a woman, wife to an APC candidate @princeodiokojie and mother, I am confident in the APC plan for women which is in line with the 35% affirmative action for women.

“From the goodwill messages and conversations with the women leaders, I was opportuned to hear from the horse’s mouth and I have renewed hope and confidence in the good intentions, great plans and actions to follow for the women of Nigeria and for the people of Nigeria.”

Her post, however, did not go down well with many fans who took to Twitter to condemn the actress’ decision, making ‘Mercy Johnson’ one of the trending topics on Thursday.

A tweep, @odyloveth, said, “End Sars – Mercy Johnson will not talk. Flood in her state that half of her community people were dying, she was mute. Police brutality, she will not talk.

“Today Mercy Johnson is telling us that APC have plans for us in 2023. I blame those rating these celebrities.”

Advising the actress to focus only on her husband, @eseohe_k tweeted, “No one is saying Mercy Johnson shouldn’t support her husband’s political career. She should not just try to sell APC to us. Campaign for your husband alone. Talking about ‘as a woman, I’m confident in the APC plan for women’.”

However, some fans stated that the actress was free to support whoever she wanted to, as they justified her actions.

@isaacafrica_ said, “While I’m for Peter Obi, I wouldn’t expect Mercy Johnson to support a party other than her husband’s. It’s one of the reasons her marriage works.

“This isn’t about party affiliation. It’s about who’s working in the best interest of Nigerians. Why can’t she be light within APC?”

Another tweep, @mrlurvy, said, “Mercy Johnson’s husband is flying the flag of the APC in his constituency. But you expect Mercy to support another party right? So that she can get retweets and likes?

“Many are mad and many are roaming on social media.”

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