July 13, 2024

The Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, has commenced its 2022 Quantity Surveyors week, aimed at targetting environmen-friendly investments to ensure sustainability.

The chapter chairman, Ayodele Alao, disclosed this at a press briefing announcing the commencement of the association’s 2022 Quantity Surveyors week in Surulere, Lagos.

According to Alao, firms target growth in spite of various challenges but they must strike a balance and adopt favourable options that protect the environment for the sake of future generations, adding that sustainability prolongs the lifespan of businesses hence the need for firms to adopt environment-friendly options.

He said, “The 2022 annual QS week, with the theme ‘Striving for sustainability in the face of economic challenges and a fast-changing world; the QS Perspective’ would ensure quantity surveyors adaptation.

“A business or a profession is compelled to constantly re-invent itself to strive towards enhancing its ability to be maintained at a certain pedestal and ensure to earn adequately to stay viable financially and be up to its responsibilities of contributing to economic growth, social progress as well as not deplete or negatively impact the environment so that the ability of future generations to meet their needs is not compromised.

“It is no longer acceptable to just stay in existence and not contribute to the collective socio-economic well-being and maintaining or restoring the environment where the need be.”

The chairman urged the public to always ensure that they engaged professional quantity surveyors in the execution of projects to curb leakages and wastes.

The deputy chairman, the NIQS, Lagos chapter, Olanrewaju Farotimi, emphasised adhering to ethical standards, which he said was very essential.

He said, “The profession is built around integrity, particularly because the NIQS usually handles issues of cost.”

Farotimi stressed the need for manpower development to cope with changing times, and harnessing technology, urging the employment of younger professionals by firms to drive innovations.

The deputy chairman urged regulatory bodies to be active in their roles to keep their members in check and further called for the collaboration of all built environment experts to curb quackery in the built environment.

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